Whether you are sending a happy birthday, anniversary or merry Christmas greeting, sending flowers can be a very personal way to say how much you care. Add a personal note and you have the perfect gift. There are many sources you could go to in order to find the perfect flowers of the occasion. Here are 10 reasons to send flowers online instead of from a physical store location.

1. Convenient - When selecting flowers from a florist, you need to set a day aside to visit the site, find the perfect bouquet and send it out. The timing must be just right, so you find the bouquet and it can be sent right away before the flowers get old. Ranking at the top of the list of reasons to send flowers online is the convenience. Place your order and select a date you want the flowers delivered right from your personal computer at home. Nothing is more convenient than that.

2. Simple - When you place your order for flowers online, the entire cumbersome process of ordering in person disappears. It takes a mere ten minutes and you can scroll through dozens of flower arrangements. Place your order immediately and be done.

3. Fast - If you had to drive to the florist, browse their selection, stand in line, make your purchase and get back home, you could spend hours just getting the order made. Online, you can have your flowers delivered to the recipient in that amount of time without stepping foot outside your door. When it comes to last-minute gift delivery, sending flowers online ranks at the top of the list of possible solutions.

4. Cheap - The deals you can secure online are much better than in the store. Brick-and-mortar stores must pay rent on the building, pay employees and maintain the building. These costs end up increasing the price of flowers. Online orders often come straight from the greenhouses or gardens the flowers are grown, meaning they have less of an appearance to maintain. The savings are directed straight to you.

5. Long Distance - If you want to order flowers for someone across the stare or even on the other side of the country, you have more reasons to send flowers online. You can place an order from a distributor in their area so their flowers arrive sooner, intact, and you pay no shipping. This is one of the top reasons to send flowers online and get a personal gift to someone long distance.

6. Quality Assurance - Some people may hesitate initially at the idea of purchasing flowers online because they do not have a chance to see the flowers in person. Any reliable online florist will have pictures you can scrutinize. What you see is exactly what you get. If there is a problem with the quality, you can arrange a possible refund through the website. It is reliable to book flower delivery this way, another of the reasons to send flowers online.

7. Updated Delivery Status - Are you worried your flowers never made it? It can be awkward to ask your friend or family member if they loved their flowers when they never received any. You can keep track of the delivery status of your flowers online to ensure their proper delivery.

8. Many Delivery Options - Select the precise date and time you want your flowers delivered to their recipients. Surprise them and brighten their day at work by delivering their flowers there. Maybe instead you want the flowers waiting for them on their doorstep when they get home. Whatever way you think is best, timing is the key when it comes to successful flower delivery. This gives you another reason to send flowers online.

9. Customer Reviews - When you shop for flowers at a florist, you have no idea how their service actually is. Online, there should be a section for customer reviews so you can base your decision to work with that company on their past performance. This is perfect to increase the chances of complete satisfaction with your order.

10. Customize your Order - Floral shops have only a certain amount of room in their shop to store and maintain flowers to be sent out immediately. If you are ordering ahead of time, you might be alright with customizing your order with the shop. If, however, you need the flowers to be sent immediately-even on the same day-you will have a limited selection. Online, the possibilities are endless. This is one of the top reasons to send flowers online.
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